Download the e'Version
Download the e’Version ‘You set the price.’

LIARS the News Industry is a three-hundred, sixty page drama leading up to a single day when the liberal, media establishment lost it’s control over the truth.  A ‘you set the price’ e-novel, you can download the book in a variety of formats at Smashwords.com, or take a gander at my experiment in a Tweet Novel using ‘text and pictures’ within tweets on this site.  Use the “Table of Contents” to navigate your way through the ‘tweet novel.’  Either way, I hope you enjoy this, or my other ‘you set the price novel’ – WTF! This is a Liberal Utopia. The two novels have received critical acclaim from like-minded Americans; very likely because today’s liberal publishing establishment never let similar conservative works see the light of day… so, Enjoy!

Example of ‘text within pic’ tweets:

Day of Reckoning
The first few tweets of novel. Here the prime time news anchor for World News Network is reading her lines.

You can now listen to the dramatic novel, either here (below), or at SoundCloud direct (See sidebar link).  Either way…read, or listened to, this drama on downfall of the media establishment is bound to leave most American conservatives more enlightened, more sure of who the real perpetrators are behind the liberalist movement…and how they are defeated.

Professionally edited version: September 15, 2014

Words: 90,080
Language: English
ISBN: 9781479317516
WTF II CreateSpaceAlso, you might check out my other ‘you set the price’er: WTF! This is a Liberal Utopia, while you’re there.

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